Extracting maximum value from your data

Data engineering is one of the hottest jobs in the tech world at the moment. The demand for capable data engineers has never been higher and there is a reason. Without data wrangling and advanced analytics, businesses simply could not realise the full value of their data.

core Concepts

The technical focus of Kodey is focussed around NiFi, Spark & Python. These provide robust and scalable technologies, through which we can develop complex ETL flows and valuable business insight through data analytics.


Gathering data from multiple sources in many different formats.


Getting data ready to extract insight by fixing issues with the data.


Aggregations and other manipulations to derive insight


Utilising Tableau, Qlikview or Python libraries to visualise data.

Latest Posts

Data Engineering Articles

The blog is updated regularly with new and exciting tutorials which can help you extract the maximum value from your data.