Generating dummy FlowFiles to test your NiFi flow

It is best practice to test that our flow works, before unleashing it (even in a test environment). The GenerateFlowFile processor “creates FlowFiles with random data or custom content. GenerateFlowFile is useful for load testing, configuration, and simulation.”

If you drag this processor onto your canvas and then double click on it, you can start to play around with the configuration. Here, I have asked for a batch of fifteen 10 byte files to be created in a text format.

And below, I have set this to run every 60 seconds. So we will get a flow of files coming into the pipeline.

This is what my process looks like when I turn it on. As you can see, it’s loaded the first batch of 15 files in.

A few minutes later & we have a lot more files queued up so it is working as expected!

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