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Box up your NiFi flows with process groups for easier management

When you’re developing several NiFi flows; it may be tempting to keep them all on the same top-level canvas. Doing this is not necessarily wrong, but it’s best practice to group each flow.

On your computer, you probably don’t store hundreds of files directly in the Documents folder; you probably have sub folders (e.g. Documents/Finance). The same logic applies to NiFi Flows. Grouping flows in NiFi is essentially putting them into a subfolder, to make it easier for you to find the particular flows you’re looking for.

To create a process group, we can drag the icon in the top menu onto the canvas.

This will create a process grouping box, as shown at the top of the below screenshot. To put your process into the group, hold the SHIFT key and drag a box around the elements of your process you want to group. In this case, I want to group the Get and Put components of my flow. Once you have highlighted them, simply drag them into the process group box,

We can do this for many processes; as you can see below, I have two process groups. This makes it much easier to find what I am looking for, as it is already filed under a relevant directory.

To enter a group to view the process within, you can simply double click. To leave, you can either right click and select ‘Leave Group’ or use the breadcrumb links in the bottom left.

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