Kodey Data Science & Engineering

Hey there!

Welcome to Kodey – here, you’ll be able to learn all about data science & engineering and become a data badass. Click here to read our newest release of the data badass book!

Our Courses

No Nonsense Python

This course aims to give you a really good grounding in the basics of Python and will intentionally leave out the bits you’re not going to use very often / ever.

Crash Course in Pandas

I’ll take you through the core concepts of dataframes, which are a key data structure within Pandas. We’ll learn to ingest, clean and analyse the data and by the end of the course, you’ll be in a position to use Python & Pandas on your own data to extract valuable insight.

Hands-On With Pyspark

Spark is one of the most in-demand Big Data processing frameworks right now. This course will take you through the core concepts of PySpark. We will work to enable you to do most of the things you’d do in SQL or Python Pandas library.

Coming Soon: Data Science & Engineering Crash Course

This course will provide you with theoretical & hands-on knowledge around data science & engineering. That includes, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), data engineering, machine learning and statistics.


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